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About El ZunZún



The hummingbird, or, el zunzún as they are often called in the Caribbean, have such a nickname because of their quick movements. The ruby-throated hummingbird, the most commonly seen hummingbird in Alabama, is the inspiration for this restaurant.

As we contemplated the 500-mile journey these tiny birds make each year, sampling local flavors along the way as they travel from Mexico to the U.S. and back again, we decided that there was no better way to honor them and highlight their ecological significance than to serve cuisine based on their migratory path.

Our vision for El ZunZún is to create a place as inviting as the kitchens of the abuelas we’ve learned from—a place where people are reminded of the importance slowing down to observe nature’s lessons—while enjoying an authentic tortilla, of course!

If you follow the migratory path of the hummingbird, you’ll land at El ZunZún in the heart of Cahaba Heights. We’re serving up authentic Mexican cuisine, freshly sourced and full of flavor.

Come see us for a casual, neighborhood dining experience and bring your amigos!